Spring Feelings

It seems that with the change in seasons comes a change that occurs invisibly, like a small electric current that we all get tuned in to as we sense the impending warmth and longer days ahead. We feel like we need to be renewed somehow, whether in discovering something new or traveling or even buying a new outfit. 

I know I haven't uploaded a podcast in a very long while, and because of work and busy weekends, being sick TWICE and overall just feeling a tad uninspired, I have left this project on the wayside. I wish I had a producer that had all the equipment and a great sound quality and knows what they're doing. Technology is hard! Anyway, what I have been doing is cleaning out my posessions and getting some fresh things for spring.

I've also been dreaming of taking a vacation to the desert. For some reason, the solace and silence of expansive, arid terrain seems like pure bliss. Living in a city surrounded by buildings, people and unending noise can take a toll on my brain. I feel like the desert is the opposite of where I am and my environment and I have some strange attraction to find myself alone in the great outdoors instead of hiding in my room to find peace. 

I can't wait for warmer, sunnier days when I can take a hike or enjoy a picnic next to the river. I really feel invigorated with the changing of any seasons, like my psyche is jolted and given new life. Just as we feel like we will never see the sun, nature gives us a glimpse of what's coming and our hope is restored.