On Self Care

I get it, you and everyone you know have been reading the news, and it seems like every new headline causes you to groan or feel like another step has been taken in the wrong direction. Its hard to feel hopeful or like anything you do counts because this whole *thing* feels like madness. When our President begins slamming the media and press and his advisers use terms like "fake news" or "alternative facts", it makes you feel crazy. How is this even possible? How did we get here? 

Well, we're here. And we need to take steps to ensure our hearts and minds don't become weary, and last I checked it was only February. So to feel some ownership over your environment, here are some tips for self-care that will help you feel mindful, present and ready to fight (without violence of course).

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Find a good book and escape. I'm currently reading through the Outlander series and the mix of historical fiction, time-travelling and a hot Scot help take my mind of current events, even for an hour during my work commute. 

Treat Yo' Self

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford had the best idea with "the best day of the year"! Use your day off to do whatever you want, if that means staying in your PJs and eating tubs of ice cream or scheduling a spa day or night out with your friends. You deserve it, and don't feel bad for giving yourself time and space to just be. Treating myself means binge-watching my favorite show, throwing on a mud mask and online shopping. Amazon Prime is my friend.

Social Media Detox

The news is scary and its EVERYWHERE. No judgement if you gotta delete your Facebook or be MIA online for awhile. We all feel you.


Now more than ever we need to show our support for causes and people we care about. You can protest, write to your elected officials (as in write them a letter, it has more impact than a call or email), donate to your favorite charity or non-profit, or be an ear for someone that needs to vent. It is important to ACT and not assume those around you will do the work. Because look where that got us. It's no longer okay to say you don't want to get involved with politics because in reality it is affecting your friends, your livelihood, your healthcare and your children's future. If you don't want to get involved then you should not be able to engage in discussion or have an opinion, SO HAVE ONE. I get so frustrated when people just want cute kittens and rainbows, that just screams privilege and I'm done with it. Speak up for those whose voices are being silenced, be an ally rather than a passive observer. 

Stay Strong

Change is slow, progress only as fast as our minds are able to adapt and accept. The news may be upsetting and frustrating and makes you think we're living in an alternate universe. It just sucks. But feeling defeated will not get us ahead. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try to be mindful and take a rest. Be ready again tomorrow.