Women's March

One day after the inauguration, women and their allies marched in solidarity today all over the country, and I was grateful to join the Women's March in Portland. My husband Steve went with me and although it was a very rainy, gray and cold afternoon, the energy was uplifting and hopeful. The bus ride downtown was jam-packed with folks heading down to show their support for women's rights and it felt so exciting to be a part of something bigger than me. Being angry while I watch the news (ugh) is one thing, going out and showing up for causes I believe in is a whole different feeling.

Image captured by drone via KATU 

After the election in November I literally felt like I was hungover with grief. I couldn't believe that our country would choose division over inclusion and I felt like my world was flipped over and shaken out. I didn't realize so many Americans felt left out of the conversation, and was sorely shown how much of a "bubble" we all live in. We choose who to listen to on social media, we pick our friends on Facebook and "unfollow" any one who we disagree with. We curate an environment where we are always right, where every picture is the best possible representation. We control every aspect of our experience and that is amazing and also dangerous.

We should start engaging more in civil conversations with people outside our bubble. There, I said it. People need to hear the other side and come to an understanding of one another instead of assuming their views are wrong. We have to try and be more compassionate. Further divisions will only incite anger and violence-we can't go to that dark place.

Seeing 100,000 people who believe in the same values, who strive to make the world a safer, more inclusive space felt fucking great. By creating this podcast I hope to do justice to all women and share the stories of our sisters.